Apparels and Clothing

Widhi Bali Garment is your fashion brand in a one-stop manufacturer, we develop and manufacture your custom clothing, headwear, labels, tags & packaging. We work with an extensive network of clothing suppliers, all thoroughly vetted and proven to provide the best quality standards and we’ll handle all the back-and-forth management and quality control… right here, in-house. Oh, did you know? our sister company SARI JAHIT is one of the go-to clothing suppliers in Bali? #funfact So you don’t have to go through the hassle of sourcing materials yourself.

one-stop manufacturing

At Widhi Bali Garment and Manufacturer, we have a huge network of quality manufacturers and suppliers who can produce starting from fabrics, Dying, printing and merchandising.

For more information of the process, see our FAQ page or contact us!

NO minimum order manufacturing service

Starting the company as a start-up as well, we offer no minimum productions ideal for start-ups and small businesses. Furthermore, the team has the knowledge skills and network to turn your vision into reality: launching your fashion brand from the paradise island Bali to the world!